Uninstall Wait.li

Sorry to see you go! We strive to satisfy every customer’s needs with Wait.li, is there something else we can help out with? Contact us at hello@wait.li or on our Contact page and we will do our absolute best to help you out!

If you still want to uninstall Wait.li, you need to follow some simple steps below in order to ensure a smooth transition on your Shopify store.

1. Open Wait.li and go to the Settings page and click the “Uninstall” tab

Open Wait.li as you normally do, navigate to the Settings page, and click on the Uninstall tab.

2. Click the “Uninstall Wait.li”

IMPORTANT - Your waiting lists will ALL be disabled once you click this button. Your customers will all be able to purchase the product as normal. Please prepare for this.

3. You are complete! Feel free to remove the Wait.li app from your Shopify store now.


This section is optional. Why? Because all of your waiting lists are already disabled, meaning no customers will be shown a “Join Waiting List” button unless you re-activate a waiting list. Your customers will not be affected if you remove Wait.li from your store at this time.

Remove the Wait.li code from your Shopify store

You can technically leave all of the Wait.li code, with no ill consequences.

If you prefer to clean up the app code nevertheless, please follow the steps below.

1. Access your main theme’s code editor

2. Go to your product template file (product.liquid or product-template.liquid)

3. Find (CTRL + F) the product FORM

4. Remove the {% if %} and {% endif %} that surrounds the product form

5. Delete the wait-li-config.liquid and wait-li-button.liquid snippets.

6. Complete! Refresh your store to ensure there aren’t any errors.