Wait.li FAQ

Commonly asked questions about Wait.li

What does Wait.li do?

Wait.li is Shopify’s only product waiting list app.

Once installed and configured for a specific product, your customers will navigate to your product’s page, click the “Join Waiting List” button, and are automatically added to a customer list accessible within the Wait.li interface. Here you can “activate” customers - automatically sending them an email and allowing them to purchase the product.

Why do I need product waiting lists for my Shopify store?

There are many different situations you may be in where you need a product waiting list for your Shopify store. Below are a few of the most common cases :

Why did you build Wait.li?

I’ve been a Shopify Expert web developer for years now, building stores and private applications for clients all over the world. Through my time doing client work I’ve noticed the complete lack of waiting list functionality within the Shopify system, and the need from my clients for a feature just like this!