Introducing Recipe Kit - A Recipe Creator App for Shopify Stores

I’d like to introduce you to’s other Shopify app project - a recipe building tool for Shopify stores! A lot of customers are using waiting lists to manage their grocery store stock, or exclusive homemade cooking ingredients.

After working with a few different food-focused Shopify stores that use, I started building out Recipe Kit; which solves a major need in the e-commerce food space, allowing stores to create and show off delicious recipes and content on their blog posts!

Recipe Kit

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So… what does it do?

Recipe Kit allows Shopify store owners to super easily create great looking, SEO optimized, product embedded recipe cards to show on their store’s blog posts. Stores can attach their products as ingredients, increasing sales and brand awareness easily!

Some features

  • Publish high quality recipes to attract new customers to your store.
  • Built in Google SEO optimized rich recipe snippets so your recipes display beautifully in Google results.
  • Connect your Shopify store products to recipe ingredients for easy purchasing by customers.
  • Your recipe, your design. Change colours, borders, and layout without any hassle.
  • 3 modern, clean recipe card layouts to choose from. Releasing new designs every month though! Have a recommendation? Send it over and I will build it out.
  • Easy to print for customers that like the old-fashioned approach!
  • Instantly share-able to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Already a customer? 50% discount on Recipe Kit!

Are you already a customer of Send me an email and I can provide a 50% discount code for a Recipe Kit subscription, no problem!

Have a question? Feature request?

Send me a message via or and I’ll get back to you and work on an update to fit your business needs :)