Wait.li helps your business grow product demand, gauge customer interest, and sell more on Shopify with product waiting lists.

Product Waiting Lists from Wait.li is Shopify's #1 option to implement waiting lists, queues, exclusive product launches, and so much more.

How It Works

After the easy installation process, you are ready to get started!


Create A Waiting List

Creating a waiting list takes seconds!
Waiting lists are great for:

  • Gauging customer interest
  • Creating exclusivity
  • Generating hype + excitement


Customer Joins Waiting List

Wait.li replaces your product "Add To Cart" button with a customizeable "Join Waiting List" button.

Once your customer clicks on this button, they are prompted to register for the waiting list.


Activate Your Customers

Open up Wait.li to see all your waiting list customers.

When you are ready, you can activate customers one by one (or in bulk) - this sends your customer an email allowing them to purchase the product!

Why Product Waiting Lists?

Why your Shopify store should be using waiting lists to grow sales & excitement about your product!

Grow Shopify Product Demand with Wait.li

Grow Product Demand

Waiting lists are a proven sales tactic that physical and online stores have used for ages. Grow demand with Wait.li's simple waiting lists.

Measure Customer Interest with Wait.li

Create An Exclusive Product

Looking to sell a new, innovative product on your Shopify store? Wait.li helps you gauge customer interest to ensure a successful launch.

Customize Everything in Wait.li

Customize Everything

Everything about Wait.li is easily customizable in the app settings page. Colours, button text, email subjects, notifications, and more!