Viral, Referral Based Waiting Lists for Shopify Stores. helps you pre-launch your Shopify store products while growing hype and publicity through social proof and exclusivity with product waiting lists.

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1 of 3 helps your Shopify store sell more products, and turn your customer base into die-hard fans who advertise your products for you.

Grow demand & generate excitement about your product.

Product waiting lists allow you to gauge customer interest and grow it immediately with legitimate social proof.

Show the number of customers already on the waiting list to show social proof, and get customers excited about being part of the exlcusive waiting list.

Launch your product in batches, and grow demand for it. gives your store the capability of releasing a product to a certain set of customers.

Use to launch to an exclusive set of customers.

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  • GF Naturals

    "This app is great. They really thought of everything. You can label the instructions by what they apply to (Ex: Cake, Icing). The layouts are very clean and professional. It's set up well for printing, other recipes apps make the person print out extra pages. It also includes keyword and SEO instructions.

    The customer service is 10 stars. The app developer helped us during the holidays. Love this app."

  • Spice Craze

    "I have been looking for a recipe card app for Shopify for years and Recipe Kit finally just fell into my lap. The modern design of the card is just what I wanted and the links and print capabilities are spot-on.

    Not only that, but the app itself is very easy to use. You just fill in the blanks. I am now very excited to launch my site with my new recipe card capabilities."

  • OC Wild Seafood

    "We were looking for an app that would give us all the SEO benefits of adding structured data recipes to our site, and were so happy to find Recipe Kit!

    Super easy to set up and the customer service has been incredible. Patrick is friendly and very responsive! Highly recommend!"

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