Wait.li 3.0 Update ⏱️ Customer Referrals, App Redesign & Custom Fields

Hi everyone! Patrick here. It has been a while, but I've just finished working on Wait.li's biggest update yet. Here is a short article going over all of the new features and changes, and how they can help your Shopify store grow and make the most of your customer base!

Customer Referrals Feature

First up is the biggest feature we've ever released on Wait.li... customer referral tracking / points.

Quite simply, this feature allows you to setup a referral program for your waiting lists, enabling your customers to invite their friends, and in turn, increasing their spot on your product waiting list. This gives them the ability to potentially purchase your product earlier.

The more people that a customer invites to your waiting list, the more spots they climb on the list!

It is a win-win situation. You get more customers on your product waiting list (for free), and the original customer climbs spots on the list, allowing them to get your product before anyone else!

You can enable this feature by creating a new waiting list and clicking on the "Referral Waiting List" button during creation.

Once created, you can change the referral point tracking system on the waiting list page to change number of points rewarded for each successful referral, as well as a few other settings!

Custom Fields

You are now able to setup a "Custom Field" for customers to enter in while registering for the waiting list. This will be extremely useful if you want to grab extra information like the customer's phone number, product preference, or any other details!

New App Design & Back-end Updates

With the 3.0 release comes a brand new logo and colour scheme design for Wait.li. The original blue logo was created by myself (with no design skills whatsoever) in about 5 minutes. The new logo brings in a lovely new green and darker colour scheme which reflects the direction that I wish to take Wait.li. (also, I think it just looks 100x better this way!)

The app back-end has been updated to better handle massive waiting list joins, and activations. In the past the app struggled to handle tens of thousands of requests at once, but now it will handle anything thrown at it, with ease :)